Two main changes are soon to be witnessed within apprentice training in 2017 and both will affect the apprentices on the Iveco apprenticeship programme from 1st May 2017.


Firstly, new apprenticeship standards will be introduced from 1st May and have been designed by an employer led Trailblazer group formed from within our industry who looked at the current programme content and amended as necessary to ensure the programme was fit for purpose and fully met the needs of employers. 

The main change to the programme will be the removal of the requirement to complete a portfolio of work, which will be replaced by an independent awarding organisation end point assessment after 3 years to prove practical and industry competence (knowledge and skills).  In-dealer visits will continue with a learner log book of specific work being completed but maintained by dealership staff (i.e. the mentor) and supported by the trainer. The requirement to have Maths and English qualifications at an equivalent to grade “C” or above remains. This can be achieved prior to starting or during the 3 year apprenticeship.


The second change will be the way that an apprentice is funded going forward with an increasing emphasis being placed on the employer to contribute towards the cost.  The level of contribution is decided by the size of the employer, its annual wage bill and additional criteria for each individual apprentice employed.  In essence, you could be paying for all costs via the new levy system, only paying a 10% contribution or paying nothing at all.

This document is designed to help you quickly establish what the cost of training an apprentice will be, if any, to you as an employer.

To begin the process you will be required to choose the relevant section that matches your criteria:
  • A smaller company with less than 50 employees and a wage bill of under £3 million
  • A small / medium company with more than 50 employees and a wage bill of under £3 million
  •  A larger company with a wage bill of greater than £3 million

A thorough explanation and details of the changes are available extensively on-line at:


Use the below tool to estimate if your organisation will pay the apprenticeship levy, how much your organisation will have available to spend on apprenticeships and how much the government will contribute towards the cost of training.

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