• The Apprenticeship Programme will always treat learners as individuals and will seek to understand any issues or barriers to learning in respect of age, gender, disability, ethnicity or status.
  • Learner residential accommodation is selected on a range of criteria including the capacity to provide healthy food options and the opportunity for physical exercise and relaxation.
  • All training centres will make healthy food and drink available to apprentices during the training day.
  • The Apprenticeship Programme will actively encourage a healthy lifestyle.

  • The Apprenticeship Programme will expect learners to show respect and consideration for the Health, Safety and Welfare of other learners, staff and visitors to our buildings.
  • Companies employing learners will only be allowed to participate in the apprenticeship programme if they meet appropriate Health and Safety criteria for young workers.
  • All learners will have a point of contact in the apprenticeship programme and are encouraged to make contact if at any stage of the programme they feel unsafe.

  • The Apprenticeship Programme will help learners understand fully the career path that is being pursued.
  • All learners will be challenged to perform to the best of their ability and to achieve their learning aims.
  • The Apprenticeship Programme will give you access to learning environments and resources that will support you to achieve your individual goals.
  • The Apprentice Programme will provide you with a wide range of assessment and review methods that are appropriate to you and the course you are taking.
  • The Apprenticeship Programme is committed to celebrating the success of apprentices.

  • The Apprenticeship Programme will ensure learners are jointly involved in developing and influencing their own learning experience.
  • All learners will be supported in creating their own learning goals.
  • Feedback from learners will be actively encouraged and the programme will ensure learners are aware of the impact of their feedback.

  • The Apprenticeship Programme will provide access to learning to prepare you for your chosen workplace.
  • The Apprenticeship Programme will ensure learners can develop positive connections between training and the skills needed to be successful in the workplace.
  • All learners who achieve will receive nationally recognised qualifications which will give recognition for learning.
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