We are always particularly pleased to welcome female apprentices commencing on the Apprenticeship Programme. As you will realise females are very much in the minority in the motor industry and we are keen that the industry benefits from an increased number of females over time.

I am sure you will expect us to treat you in exactly the same way as we treat your male colleagues and that is our intention. We are committed to ensure that all apprentices progress through their apprenticeship in a timely manner and achieve their full Apprenticeship Framework Qualifications. The aim beyond the apprenticeship is that you will go on to have a long and fulfilling career in the industry.

During the next three years all apprentices should receive effective guidance and support from their Trainer and it is your Trainer who should be the first point of contact with concerns or difficulties.

However, we have found in the past that some female apprentices have welcomed having an additional point of contact that they could use with any issues that they felt would be best dealt with by someone other than the trainer.

If at any stage during your time on the programme you feel that this might help you then don’t hesitate to contact the programme administration office and ask to speak to the female support contact. They will be pleased to hear from you and will do their best to help with any issues that you might have.

Wishing you every success over the next 3 years.

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